TamerX EGR Cooler Application Guide

When it comes to enjoying the superior power and performance of a quality diesel engine, you do not want to be held back by the other parts in your system. Having poor hardware will result in poor performance, and this is especially true for EGR coolers and valves. That is why we have a variety of EGR coolers,EGR valves and parts for many different top engines such as the Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, and more. Whether you are looking to perform quick repairs and replacements or a new installation, this hardware will ensure your engine lives up to your expectations every day.

There are many important functions when it comes to these remarkable machines. EGR coolers use engine coolant to reduce the temperature of exhaust gasses, providing various benefits. The most obvious is that they reduce the temperature of the system overall, lowering the strain on gaskets and EGR valves and improving the lifespan of your hardware. They also help prevent the forming of oxides, reducing pollution. Because of these essential operations, if your cooler is not performing well, it can cause a lot of unnecessary strain on your system and have a negative impact on your performance. .

You can rest assured that you will get the quality you expect when you choose from our collection of hardware. We have everything from smaller parts like gaskets and band clamps to entire EGR coolers that match many different engines. Whether you have a system by Detroit, Cummins, Volvo,Navistar International, Dodge, Mercedes, or others, you can find the right match here. All of our parts are manufactured to the highest OEM standards for quality, taking the best materials and completely new hardware to create a cooler that is as good as new. You will have the reliability you need to know that your vehicle will perform every day without fail.

If you need help finding the right parts for your system, feel free to contact our expert support. We have years of experience providing the highest quality diesel engine hardware and can help you get the right match for your needs. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will work hard to make sure the process is quick and easy, so you can get your vehicle back to work as soon as possible.

EGR Coolers By Brand


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  1. EGR Cooler for 2008-2010 International/Navistar Maxxforce 7 Part # EGR723 1876723C94, 1877576C92
    EGR Cooler for 2008-2010 International/Navistar Maxxforce 7 EGR723

    EGR Cooler Part # EGR723-RM

    OEM: 1876723C94, 1877576C92, 1877425C1

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  2. OEM EGR Cooler for 2003-2007 Mack Part# 2130144, 21301444, 28GB519
    OEM EGR Cooler for 2003-2007 Mack EGR444RM

    EGR Cooler for 2003-2007 Mack Part# EGR444RM

    OEM# 21301444

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  3. 1889336C98_5010734R92_1883581C1_7082870C2_Navistar MAxxforce DT,9,10 EGR Cooler 2011 up
    EGR Cooler Kit International Navistar MAXXFORCE DT,9,10 2011-2015

    EGR Cooler Kit Part # 2513976C92

    OEM: 1883581C1, 7082870C2

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  4. EGR Cooler Kit for 2010-2013 International/Navistar Maxxforce 13 Part# EGR445 OEM 2513445C91
    EGR Cooler Insert Kit for 2011-2015 International/Navistar Maxxforce 11,13 2513445C91

    Navistar International Complete MaxxForce 11,13 EGR Cooler Insert Kit Part # EGR445

    High Temp Side

    OEM: 2513445C91

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Items 25-32 of 118

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